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With a growth plan, you put your organization on the path to success, notwithstanding how the markets change. You’ll use your past experiences to guide your future efforts, helping your organization grow faster. 


Usually, a growth plan lasts a maximum of one year, but it can even cover less than a year. It is split into 90-day periods, during which you use a variety of tactics to engage your audience and otherwise provide value to customers to grow revenue. After each 90-day period, you apply everything you have learned to your strategy for the next 90 days. You’ll also consider how you may need to adapt to new market conditions.

You can also think of a growth plan as being the Go-to-Market part of your plan but expanded into greater detail. However, a growth plan is dynamic — unlike a strategic plan, which tends to be static.

There are 1.7 million nonprofits in the U.S. This makes competing hard enough and the challenge is compounded by limited resources along with a lack of understanding of what a growth planner should even look like. Just thinking about growth can be difficult, and deciding on growth plan goals often feels like an impossible task.

How Does a Growth Plan Differ from a Strategic Plan?


Strategic plans outline Organization activities over a much longer timeframe — usually between three and five years. In addition, a strategic plan has a different purpose to a growth plan: rather than looking at how your organization will operate day to day, it describes your overall vision and lays out long-term steps to reach your goals.

As the two are completely different, it is essential to have a growth plan in addition to your strategic plan. Your growth plan will explain where you are now, where you want to be, and how you’ll reach that point. Unlike a strategic plan, it will focus on rapid growth by allowing you to adapt almost immediately, according to what works. Only with a growth plan can you avoid the disruptions that impact revenue.


Grant Writing

Triumph brings you cross-functional, cross-disciplinary savvy and the ability to translate your organizational data points, stories and know-how into great writing--that sounds and feels authentically yours. Grant writing that gets results supports your heartwarming program narratives with current demographics, proves your ability to budget, project and plan responsibly, doesn't promise more than you can deliver, and translates jargon into language that says what needs to said to those who need to hear in ways they will not only understand, but will embrace.

Writing with Pen

Operation Efficiencies

These are tough economic times, with increased financial pressures on both revenues and expenditures. Performance, operational, and financial reviews can be the means to face these challenges. Whether you are looking to balance a budget or improve performance and achievement, Triumph has the tools and knowledge of financial analysis best practices to deliver proven results. We have helped countless organizations generate additional revenue and save money on operations.

The first step is to receive an operation analysis. This will put your organization on the path to more effective execution, help you better utilize your resources, and enable you to improve outcomes. Our operation analysis model involves examining your organization’s current operations. We then use a creative vision to generate unrealized revenue and achieve your goals.

Triumph derives solutions through a comprehensive understanding of the current and future state of the nonprofit environment. We employ key performance indicators (KPIs) to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement and to gauge customer satisfaction.

We also leverage change management techniques and culture training to transition individuals, teams, and organizations to a desired future outcome.

Operation Efficiencies

Finance and Accounting

Triumph offers financial and accounting consulting for startups and midsize organizations. We guide organizations through finance and accounting basics, with a focus on increasing income and production while reducing costs. By understanding nonprofit accounting, we are able to help with grant management and ensure grants are segregated in your accounting.

It’s impossible to make strong domestic or international organization decisions without the foundation of a well-designed budget and a sound finance and accounting organizational structure. By creating a finance and accounting capability model, Triumph will provide you with the tools you need for both the short- and long-term financial management.

Triumph offers hands-on finance and accounting consulting services to support key challenges, such as:

  • Finance strategy: We help drive efficiency in routine finance and accounting processes, allowing a shift in focus to building the strategic value of the finance function.

  • Organizational effectiveness: Our finance and accounting consulting maximizes the performance of finance processes while reducing costs.

  • Working capital management: We can improve your capability to fund new products and markets, pay down debt, or undertake strategic initiatives.

  • Planning and performance management: We focus on finance and control to ensure that you are employing the right metrics and using early indicators to identify shifts in key forecasted components.

  • Compliance: Applying best practices, we can simplify your compliance processes to reduce the risk and cost of both domestic and global compliance errors.

Packing Boxes


Our passion is to bring fundraising to nonprofits, so they can be more successful in their missions.  We know that overcoming fundraising blocks and struggles with ease and grace is not only possible but easily achievable.


We do so by showing nonprofit leaders, especially board members and executive directors, how to dramatically increase their fundraising revenue while creating more strategic and confident nonprofit leaders. Accessing new thinking with brain science while cultivating their own personal style to attract and build relationships to benefit the organization.


We have helped our clients double their fundraising results while becoming comfortable and confident in their own voice when asking for donations. Additionally, we provide leadership training and coaching to both executives and support staff. 


Event Management

Fundraising events are a critical source of unrestricted income and a great way to expand your base of donors while elevating your organization’s profile and deepening donor loyalty. We will help you achieve seamless planning and execution of any type of event you’re your organization needs: mission-focused live events, virtual events, hybrid virtual events, golf outings, and other public gatherings. So that your success continues after the engagement concludes, we help you adopt new approaches and systems that improve your overall fundraising.


Banquet Hall


Our marketing services include brand strategy and execution, digital and print campaigns, and integrated communications planning. From developing plans for fundraising to interim staffing, from capital campaigns to direct mail appeals, we serve your mission. 

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