Helping Hands

About Us

Triumph International is a boutique consulting organization that helps domestic and international nonprofits by providing expertise in growth, sustainability, and strategic planning, operations, technology, and financial management since 2004. We empower organizations with our entrepreneurial divergent thinking and a unique combination of experiences. As a collaborative strategic advisor, our greatest success is transforming organizations and generating unforeseen income opportunities. 

Triumph is committed to helping nonprofits and is passionate about your success, and constantly strives to be the very best at what we do.

Here are some key points on what makes Triumph International DIFFERENT:

  • We have an Entrepreneurial spirit and execution-focused mindset

  • We understand the dynamics of working with different countries & cultures

  • We are experts in Operational, financial, and strategic realignment.

  • We help nonprofits teams realign and change post-crisis

  • We create growth opportunities, both domestically & globally

  • We are really excellent in International financial transactions, including the required paperwork and audit information.

  • We help with Fundraising and Marketing strategies for your board and team.