International Market and Competitor Research

Our global market research service provides market, consumer, and industry research to companies around the world. This information is key to identifying potential customers and learning about their buying habits, opinions, and geographic locations. Our researchers know how to ask the right questions, document responses, and analyze the data retrieved in a way that will build your global market intelligence, steering your company toward better business decisions that will increase your revenues and expand your competitive advantage.

We also work to identify competitors in your market, a step that is absolutely necessary for any growing company. By keeping you informed about what other businesses are doing , we can ensure that you have a strong position in the market. With the right international statistics, you can make sure your export prices are competitive, your marketing is appropriate, and your product is attractive to potential customers.

Triumph International Consulting has been helping companies and nonprofits start and grow since 2004 by empowering them with entrepreneurial divergent thinking and a unique combination of finance and operations experience. As a collaborative strategic advisor, our greatest successes is transforming businesses and generating unforeseen revenue opportunities. With a diverse business professional portfolio, we deliver results that make an immediate impact for non-profit organizations and for-profit companies in the professional services, finance, and IT industries. Triumph is credited with applying expertise in operations, technology, financial management and strategic business planning to drive substantial revenue growth. We develop innovative solutions and process improvements in international and domestic markets while reducing costs and meeting stakeholder needs. Triumph fosters a culture of awareness that supports sustainability. We are passionate about your success and constantly strive to be the very best at what we do. That’s why we ensure that we have the services, resources and expertise in area of your business.
Most business owners envision success as significant growth: stronger production, a larger workforce, and increased revenues. Growth is an important part of success, but the key is to manage that growth constructively. Smart growth requires businesses to continually reassess their expansion strategies through constant competitive analysis of the marketplace.

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